Churchill Drama Club Shines

Churchill cast and crew dance it up at the end of “Death Jam Comedy Festival”

The Churchill Drama Club presentation of “Death Jam Comedy Festival” was a very enjoyable presentation of two one-act plays: ‘Variations on the Death of Trotsky” by David Ives and “Mystery at the Grand Hotel” by Lynne Elson. The second of these plays was written by the Director as a student project by 5th graders a decade ago and was quite funny.

Tonight, Friday, 2/26/2016 is the final night. Tickets are on sale at the door $10 for adults, $8 for students.

“Variations on the Death of Trotsky” featured Dan Searle as Trotsky, Victoria Mango as Trotsky’s wife and Nisal Amarasinghe as the gardener.

The “Mystery at the Grand Hotel” featured: Saad Aftab, Diana Maldonado, Cayleigh Quiles, McKayla Hoyer, Alyssa Sapia, Olivya Owens, Mary Fouad, Juliana Edelman, Ayman Khalil, Sameer Siddique and Mina Shenouda – each playing multiple roles.

The Set Crew: Athena Goldstein, Connor Cheung, Natalia Munoz, Emma Ruffner, Jennifer Miller Peters, Thomas Hennessy, Sara Aguilar, Sara Missak, Valerie Maung, Mary Mignano, Krupa Sannidhi, Rachel Wu, Tullah Mohamed, Catherine Attia, Demi Vega, Ella Hornstein, Helena Mattar, Michael Oberndorfer, Molly Mignano, Hannah Ahn, Sneha Magesh, Hafsah Mohmoud, Kayla Wheeler, Nimai Sanikop, Juliana Edelman

Sound Crew: Danielle Silver, Angie Guddat, Natalia Munoz
Light Crew: Nimai Sanikop and Hannah Baby

Poster Designer – Samantha Ginsberg

Congratulations to all on providing a wonderful evening.

Dropping like flies at the Grand Hotel

Another “Death” in the “Mystery At the Grand Hotel”