Mar 122015
Vote for Jax

Jax moved up into the final 11 on American Idol today but needs your continued support to continue further on American Idol. This is quite an accomplishment for a girl that graduated from East Brunswick High School last year. I hope she keeps going all the way to the end. Let’s all get out the vote to help her continue this magical journey.

Please send out messages on Facebook and Twitter encouraging your followers to Vote for Jax. It is really easy to vote – just use the below methods to vote – note you can do more than one, so it is possible to give Jax 80 votes.

There are 5 ways to vote:

(1) SuperVote™ at or Facebook: – must be signed into Facebook for either

(2) SuperVote™ via the FOX NOW App: If you have a compatible Android or iOS device (tablet or handheld), then you can vote via the FOX NOW App.

(3) Vote using Google Search: If you have a valid Google account, you can vote using Google Search. Simply go to Google, and search “American Idol Vote” – you must be logged in with a valid Google account.

(4) Text Voting: When voting begins for all of the contestants, they will each be assigned a text message “keyword” number which will appear on screen during the Voting Show each week alongside the short code 21523 send 7

(5) Toll-free Voting: Call 1-866-IDOLS-07 (1-866-436-5707)

Based on the above rules, it would appear that you can cast up to 20 votes for Jax with your Facebook ID and an additional 20 with your Google ID and 20 more by Texting or Calling. It’s fast and easy – Keep Jax in this!

For those who missed her singing previously – here’s how she got this far:

Idol Auditions: Jax – New York City – AMERICAN IDOL XIV

Hollywood Week 1 – Jax, Emily, Sal & Adam American Idol 2015

Hollywood Week 2 – Jax (Solo) – American Idol 2015

Jax makes the top 24

Here is the Youtube of her performance on 2/26/2015

Here is the youtube of her presentation tonight – in case you missed it.

East Brunswick Family

In case you missed it, Bobby Olivier wrote a nice article about her making the top 24 – Passionate East Brunswick teen raises rare Jersey flag on 'American Idol' | – I’m including the section about her family below:

Jax’s family — parents John and Jill Miskanic, Jax and brother Matt — moved to New Jersey in 2005, from Atlantic Beach, Long Island where Jax (born Jackie Miskanic) was heavily involved in the area’s musical theater programs.

"Theater literally taught me how to read," Jax says. "And it helps me with ‘Idol’ since you have to learn songs so quickly, sometimes just in a night. Now my memorization skills are so strong."

Her mother Jill still teaches in Brooklyn and her father John Miskanic worked for years as a Brooklyn firefighter, but was forced to retire after sustaining a lung injury at the 9/11 recovery site. Through his time off, though, Miskanic has become Jax’s de-facto right-hand man, driving her to vocal lessons, auditions and shows.

"American Idol" contestant Jax, with her father John Miskanic, at her home in East Brunswick.

"He’s the only one I’ll go to for genuine honesty and opinion," Jax says. "He’s the only person I care about hearing from and getting feedback after I perform. He gives me the real deal, whether I agree with him or not."

And since the family moved to East Brunswick, Miskanic has been given plenty of material. At 12, Jax led the pre-teen outfit Jersey Kidz to a win over several hundred bands in the Break Contest. Her group’s prize was a performance at The Bamboozle outside Giants Stadium in 2009. Jersey Kidz was the youngest group to rock the now-defunct festival.

As a pint-sized frontwoman, Jax grew up on classic rock. She recalls her mother, a Pink Floyd fan, playing the psychedelic hit "Comfortably Numb" to lull her to sleep. Today, the teen still loves the staples, along with everything from Top 40 pop stars to heavy metal.

She says if she reaches the "American Idol" finale, she’d love to sing with sassy star Pink, but jokes "I don’t think I could be on the same stage as Pink without throwing up."

via Passionate East Brunswick teen raises rare Jersey flag on 'American Idol' |

East Brunswick native - Jax in the top 12 on American Idol

East Brunswick native – Jax in the top 12 on American Idol