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EBTEC Free Computer Training

The following is a great opportunity for people that are looking to get a little help at understanding how to use computers or other tech devices – take advantage of this.

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Great, so who’s teaching me?

All of our tutors are East Brunswick High School students in grades 10, 11, and 12 who have grown up surrounded by technology. Our students are not paid or compensated; they provide their services because it is their passion to help others. Sounds good, now what?We meet once a month on a Saturday morning to teach you one-on-one. The students will answer your questions while introducing you to a whole new world of technology. There are no lectures and no single topic – you choose what you want to learn. Please check the dates in meetings tab above for specific events. To receive updates, please visit the enroll page. Walk-ins are always welcome!

What is EBTECS?

In today’s world of rapidly growing technology, less tech-savvy adults can become lost and overwhelmed. Formerly known as “Computer Club,” we are a group of students gathered to help those who have trouble, or just have questions regarding technology. We utilize our own knowledge to help teach different aspects of technology ranging from computers to smartphones. As a community service, we try to give back to the community by helping adults grasp the concepts of computing in today’s world of modern technology.

Ok, but where is it?

All of our meetings take place in the East Brunswick High School media center. The media center is fully equipped with 2 full Dell computer labs (about 30 computers each) that run Windows 7. iMac computers and iPads are also available to use. You can also bring your own computer or technology device to use during our meetings. WiFi is available for usage.

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EBTEC Free Computer Training

EBTEC Free Computer Training