Mar 192015
Jax is in the top 10 - Vote for her now
They made us wait until the very end, but Jax did great and is now in the top 10 which will allow her to go on the American Idol tour this summer, but we all need to vote for her to keep her in the contest. Please everybody keep voting for her!

You can vote each way

Jax is in the top 10 - Vote for her now

Jax is in the top 10 – Vote for her now

Please send out messages on Facebook and Twitter encouraging your followers to Vote for Jax. It is really easy to vote – just use the below methods to vote – note you can do more than one, so it is possible to give Jax 80 votes.

There are 5 ways to vote:

(1) SuperVote™ at or Facebook: – must be signed into Facebook for either

(2) SuperVote™ via the FOX NOW App: If you have a compatible Android or iOS device (tablet or handheld), then you can vote via the FOX NOW App.

(3) Vote using Google Search: If you have a valid Google account, you can vote using Google Search. Simply go to Google, and search “American Idol Vote” – you must be logged in with a valid Google account.

(4) Text Voting: When voting begins for all of the contestants, they will each be assigned a text message “keyword” number which will appear on screen during the Voting Show each week alongside the short code 21523 send 7

(5) Toll-free Voting: Call 1-866-IDOLS-07 (1-866-436-5707)

Based on the above rules, it would appear that you can cast up to 20 votes for Jax with your Facebook ID and an additional 20 with your Google ID and 20 more by Texting or Calling. It’s fast and easy – Keep Jax in this!

@Jax hit 30K followers on twitter – she is really good about answering some of her followers and retweeting their tweets. She also posts lots of info about what she is up to. Please follow her on Twitter

There was a nice article on today:

Hometown glory

Looking ahead, just prior to the May 13 finale, the Top 3 contestants get a hometown visit. Knowing that there is a very good chance ("Don’t jinx it!," Jax said.) that she may be one of the three, Mayor David Stahl said East Brunswick will be ready for her.

"That would be awesome," he said. "All of East Brunswick is really proud of her. She’s got a great voice. She’s got style and presence. She is incredibly talented. To do what she is doing at her age, she is certainly an inspiration to all our young people in East Brunswick."

Stahl said that he is proud of the township and it’s support of their own Idol.

via 'American Idol's' Jax feels hometown love.

For those who missed her singing previously – here’s how she got this far:

Idol Auditions: Jax – New York City – AMERICAN IDOL XIV

Hollywood Week 1 – Jax, Emily, Sal & Adam American Idol 2015

Hollywood Week 2 – Jax (Solo) – American Idol 2015

Jax makes the top 24

Here is the Youtube of her performance on 2/26/2015

Here is the youtube of her presentation tonight – in case you missed it.