Mar 072015
Sound of Music

The East Brunswick High School presentation of “The Sound of Music” was a great success and went on as scheduled despite school being closed because of Thursday’s snow storm. The marvelous singing demonstrated by the cast might make you wonder inf Jax will just be the first of many East Brunswick High School contestants in the top 24 on American Idol.  Maria played by Marlina Devery a junior at East Brunswick High School did a magnificent job.  The Mother Abbess was played by senior Jackie Giancola who is also Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2015.  Sarabeth Goldberg, a junior, played Sister Berthe and is also in the East Brunswick Choir and the Tri-M National Music Honors Society.  Sister Margarett was played by Kathleen Lonski a senior in her 6th EBHS Drama Club presentation and a singer/song writer that has tirelessly worked to stop bullying.  Sister Sophia was played by Mikayla Luchun a sophomore who is already on her third play with East Brunswick High School.  Captain Von Trapp was played by John Kominkiewicz a senior in his 4th production.  Franz the butler was played by Dylan Weidenfeld a senior in his 7th production.  Frau Schidt the housekeeper was played by Sydney Kilcoyne who is in her 4th production.  Liesl Von Trapp (16) was played by Alana Sackman a junior in her 4th production who also is in the Concert Choir and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.  Friedrich von Trapp (14) was played by Alex Leonhardt a junior in his 5th production. Louisa von Trapp (13) was played by Elisa Almeida a junior in her 4th presentation who is also in the Folio Club and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.  Kurt von Trapp – an exceptionally tall 10 year old was played by Dan Rogozenski in his third production.  Brigitta von Trapp was played by Nishika Bagchi a sophomore in her second presentation.  Marta von Trapp was played by Jessica Razak a sophomore in her first production.  Gretl von Trapp the youngest was played by Maria Vypryazhkin a very talented 6th grader at Hammarskjold Middle School.  Rolf Gruber (17) was played by Jared Schectel a junior in his first production.  Elsa Schraeder was played by Farrah Cukor a senior in her 5th production.  Max Detweiler was played by Zach Adams a senior.  Baron Eberfeld was played by Nicole Lagos a junior in her third production.  Herr Zeller was played by Larry Fried a senior in his first production.  Frau Zeller was played by Brianna Gilmartin in her third production.  Admiral von Schreiber was played by Adam Nuzzi a senior.  Also appearing in the play were: Grace Spielman, Hallie Baum, Clara Massoud, Ivy Li, Fiona Gaffney, Cachel Nemeth, Amelia Murray-Cooper, Julia Nathanson, Jordan Taha, Sophie Adams, Jackie LeSeur, Stefanie Braun, rebecca Gavin, Erik York, Rachael Neer, Evie Cukor, Amani Alnababteh, Alka Bhide, Kelly Brady, Darius Washington, Jeff Ade, Jason Ramon, Nick Romanofsky, Steve Tomori, Yahel Ben-Zvi, Jonathan Seltzer

The production crew and orchestra also did a great job!

If you missed it last night, you have 4 more showings available:

Sat. 3/7 @7PM
Sun. 3/8 @3PM
Fri. 3/13 @7PM
Sat. 3/14 @7PM

Tickets are $14 for adults and $7 for students. Purchase online at

You can also help support the Drama Club by dining at the Seville Diner after the presentations and if you present your playbill or ticket stub, 10% of your bill will be donated to the Drama Club!

You can get more information about supporting the Drama Club from the wonderful parents group PAPA at