Jan 172015
East Brunswick Bowling

NORTH BRUNSWICK – Freshmen and seniors were appropriately represented at the GMC boys and girls individual bowling finals as freshman Sam Bortnick of East Brunswick won the boys tournament and senior Amy Caruso of South Brunswick took the crown for the girls.

Bortnick defeated number one ranked Thomas Leone of Edison by a score of 278-217. Caruso also defeated a number one seed, Kayla Johnson of Edison, by a score of 241-203.

In the boys stepladder final, Bortnick nearly scored a perfect game, getting 11 strikes through the first nine frames. On the last frame, Bortnick knocked down nine pins, missing a perfect game by one pin.

The freshman was disappointed to miss a perfect game by such a small margin, but he was content with the win.

“I really didn’t realize at first, I was taking it one shot at a time,” Bortnick said. “I just got a bad break. But it was still awesome.”

Because he was the third seed, Bortnick had to defeat two opponents before the finals. He defeated the fourth seed, Joe Corrao of Old Bridge, in the second round and the second seed, Alex Sorge of South Brunswick, in the semi-final round.

Bortnick had to win more matches to get to the finals than Leone, who was in automatically, but he felt the extra games kept him fresh.

“I got good shots off during the first couple of matches,” Bortnick said. “I don’t like standing around and waiting. I get nervous. I like to keep the pace yup.”

Bortnick finished the final round with 11 strikes and one spare. Leone had three strikes and two spares.

via Bortnick wins boys bowling GMC individual final, Caruso wins girls final.