Dec 192014
Sayreville High School Homecoming

SAYREVILLE – Neither the rain nor the recent reports of hazing could dampen spirits inside Sayreville War Memorial High School Wednesday night when the school and the community came together to celebrate homecoming.

"I think this is a good morale booster for the whole school," senior Jarrad Henry, 17, said. "I think it would be unfair to the color guard, band, cheerleaders, the seniors and everyone else to cancel. Just because the football season was canceled, it doesn’t mean we can’t have Senior Night and homecoming. It’s a good night."

The high school recently was thrust into the national spotlight after seven Sayreville football players, ages 15 to 17, were charged Oct. 10 with hazing and aggravated sexual assault on four teammates. The remainder of the football season was canceled five days before the charges were filed. On Tuesday, the Board of Education unanimously upheld the suspensions of head football coach George Najjar and four assistants. Homecoming festivities, which originally were scheduled to be held earlier this month, also were put on hold.

via Sayreville War Memorial High School community celebrates delayed homecoming.