Oct 252014

East Brunswick Bears won an impressive victory over the Marlboro Mustangs spoiling the homecoming celebration for Marlboro. East Brunswick started the scoring with a 2 yard run by quarterback Kevin Hemmings and an extra point kicked by Alex Boyko. Marlboro answered with a 14 yard pass from Mike Wolff to Dewann McAllister but missed the kick to stay a point behind. Marlboro was then able to take a lead on a Mohammed Omar run but they failed on a two point attempt. East Brunswick pulled back into the lead with an 11 yard Kyle Wiggins run and an extra point to make the score 14-12. Marlboro was driving near the end of the half but on 4th and long, #6 (pictured below) for the Bears intercepted the pass and returned it for about 15 yards.

The second half was all East Brunswick. Lots of big plays on offense and the defense was very stingy as well. Kevin Hemmings threw a long pass to Sean O’Sullivan who evaded tacklers and dashed in for a 55 yard touchdown. Not long later, Kevin Hemmings ran through traffic and just managed to dash past the last defenders to score on a massive 79 yard run. The final score of the game was a short pass to Joe Chetta in the end zone to make the score 35-12. At this point the cheerleaders gave up on doing push-ups and switched to jumping Jacks! East Brunswick was even able to give some backup players a chance.

It was all a really great game and it keeps the Bears playoff hopes alive.

East Brunswick Football - Interception

East Brunswick Football – Interception

East Brunswick Football - Kevin Hemmings

Hey look, Sean is open.

East Brunswick Football - Sean O'Sullivan Touchdown

Sean O’Sullivan eludes tacklers on his way to a 55 touchdown for East Brunswick.

East Brunswick Football - Defense

East Brunswick defense Mark Garrett (#88) and #33 stuff the runner.

East Brunswick Football - Brandon Tomori

Brandon Tomori rushing

East Brunswick Football - Kevin Hemmings pass

Kevin Hemmings 6-for-10 for 104 yards passing and 115 yards on six carries.

East Brunswick Football - Aidan Werder

Aidan Werder is tackled after making a nice catch

East Brunswick - Michael Contereras

Michael Contereras: one yard is enough for you!

East Brunswick Football - Sean O'sullivan

Touchdown receptions, sacks, wicked tackles, Sean O’sullivan does it all.

East Brunswick - Goal line stand

4th and goal – you are not getting in our end zone.

East Brunswick Football - Kevin Hemmings Pass

Kevin had a great day

East Brunswick Football - Kevin Hemmings Touchdown Run

Kevin Hemmings 79 yard touchdown run

East Brunswick Football - Kickoff Team

Kickoff Team got lots of practice and performed flawlessly

East Brunswick Football - Defense

Sean O’sullivan and Alex Wojcik converge for the tackle

East Brunswick Football - Brandon Tomori

Brandon Tomori makes another big run

East Brunswick Football - Joe Chetta Touchdown

Touchdown pass to Joe Chetta.

East Brunswick Cheerleaders

East Brunswick Cheerleaders – NO MORE PUSH-UPS!

East Brunswick Football

East Brunswick running attack looked great

East Brunswick Football

Alex Boyko was flawless in 5 extra point attempts and just missed a long field goal.

East Brunswick Football

So sorry, but this is going to hurt.

East Brunswick Football

Bears backup quarterback #17

East Brunswick Football

Almaliek Fitzpatrick with the ball.