Aug 162014

Upgrades, splash park planned for aquatic center | | East Brunswick Sentinel

The East Brunswick Planning Board unanimously approved improvements and the addition of a splash park to the Crystal Springs Aquatic Center.

Gregory Potkulski, department head for planning and engineering for the township, presented plans for the upgrades to the Planning Board on Aug. 6.

Improvements will include revitalization of the main entrance building at the park with a new addition, as well as the addition of a splash park between the kiddie pool and tent rental area in the park, which is located on Dunham’s Corner Road.

“What we will be doing to the main entrance building is adding a new sewer line for the bathrooms, installing gas service for the snack bar where it used to just be propane, ripping up the old concrete around the building and putting new concrete down for about 20 or 30 feet around, and adding a glass multipurpose room on to the back that will seat about 70 or 80,” Potkulski said.

He said this project would cost the township approximately $1.7 million and will be financed by bonding.

“The revamping of the building will be good. It was constructed back in the 1960s, and the last time it was modified was the 1980s.”

Along with improvements to the building, Potkulski presented plans for a new splash park to be installed within the aquatic center.

“Basically, there will be a gazebo and sitting area for the parents above and two ramps going down into the splash park zone,” he said. “The ramps, aside from an emergency gate, are the only ways in and out of the splash park, so parents can watch their kids from up there.”

Potkulski said construction for this phase of the park, including the purchase of all the necessary equipment, would cost about $700,000 and would also be bonded for.

He said he hopes the initial work on the project will begin after the park closes for the season.

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