Jul 182014

East Brunswick High School senior Dayna Sclafani, left, looks to get around South River High School defender Aleah Bass, middle, during the Middlesex College Girls Summer Basketball League playoff game

In most cases, high school athletes consider their parents to be the ones most responsible for supporting them throughout their careers. Not only have Dayna Sclafani’s father and mother, Tom and Debbie, been at the foundation of her success as a starting point guard for the East Brunswick High School girls basketball team, but they have been the very cornerstone of what will be a bright future following graduation.Tom Sclafani has been involved in directing youth basketball for years. Last year, he teamed up with Team Miller Lightning, an AAU team headed by former Villanova University star Lance Miller. When Sclafani’s daughter became interested in the sport as a youngster, he naturally took her under his wing and helped teach her the finer points of basketball. He even spent 2012-13 as the East Brunswick coach, but that lasted only a year before Keith Lane took over this past season.As for the support Dayna Sclafani received from her mother, it was more of the emotional variety. Debbie Sclafani was diagnosed with a tumor in her shoulder last summer and had to undergo chemotherapy.

via Sclafani finds success through support, inspiration | eb.gmnews.com | East Brunswick Sentinel.